About Me

Hi I’m Ashley, and welcome to my blog!cropped-20160829_144900.jpg

I’m a 28-year-old mom of 1 beautiful little boy, and wife to one awesome husband. We live in California and love to kick back and relax…when the day-to-day craziness subsides.

I was blessed, and became a mommy in April of 2015, to my little love lump Royce. Prior to that it was just my husband Ryan and I, and we were both working after having graduated college in 2012 & 2013. However, life changes when it’s meant to change, and I ended up leaving my job (which was toxic work environment), and 3 weeks later found out that my eggo was preggo.

Thus began my epic journey into mommy-hood. I say it was epic because 1) my kid is awesome, and 2) I’m amazed I survived pregnancy after 3 months of severe morning sickness in which i lost 25 lbs. But I digress lol.

Currently I am working part-time retail job. It’s both nice and sucky because in retail, I sometimes work hours that I hate as a mommy. But…I gotta do what I gotta do in order to have some “adult time” using my brain, so that I’m not always on mommy and wife mode. I guess you could say the job is my me time.

Now for the reason behind me starting a blog. I have read lots of mommy blogs, and I realized that as moms we all have different ways and opinions on everything. Well as a young married mommy, I wanted to share my opinions as well, in my own colorful way. By this I’m referring to my brand of honesty, which is unfiltered and very straight forward. This is all due to me being a very up-front in your face type of person, who says what I mean and I means what I say. And if im being honest with you, which I always will be, if I wanted to sugar coat, I would have become a freaking baker.

So yea…that’s a little bit about me, and I hope you enjoy the ride we’ll be going on through the world of me.

Thanks for checking out my blog!