Mommy Judgement

Recently I had a conversation with my friend about a mom she had seen at a store, and it got me thinking. Long story short…there was a mom at a department store with 3 kids, all under the age of 8, and appeared to be high or drunk. My homegirl said that the woman was just letting her kids run a muck and was just buying things that appeared to be nice wihtout trying them on. Now I am sure that what I am about to say is going to rub some people the wrong way, but it is what it is. My opinions are just that…MINE…and you do NOT have to agree with them. Now back to my thoughts.

Anyone on the outside looking in at this mom would most likely think that she is a horrible parent. Well, this may or may not be true, but now that I am a mom I have a completely different perspective on this matter. When I was listening to my homegirl describe the woman in question….all I envisioned was a tried as f*ck mom that had had enough! She should not be judged for taking a lil sip or two, or getting a lil high if she is dealing with 3lilttle humans all day every day. She deserves that escape damnit! I am sure that there are more moms than me who wished we could get high or drunk (whichever is your preference) just to pretend like we are young and in college again with only class and a phone bill as our responsibilities. 

Having to be responsible all day every day is f*cking exhausting. You would be weird as hell, or an alien from planet wtf, to NOT get tired of adulting and momming from time to time. However, in today’s society, mom’s get judged for being just that…TIRED. Have you ever noticed that when a man needs a “break” from parenting and goes out with the guys for drinks and shenanigans it is ok…but when mommy does it, we are being reckless? That is such bullsh*t to me. It is obviously a double standard, even if the guy is a single dad.  With this double standard comes the moms like the one described earlier. She has no individual escape because she is always with her kids. Now by no means does she not love her kids…but there are times when all moms don’t like their kids and need a break. It’s the way life works….you don’t always have to like the ones you love. 

So basically what I am getting around to is stop judging moms for being tired! You don;t know what kind of sh*t he has had to put up with, or for how long she has been putting up with it. If she is high in a store with her kids (assuming she did not drive there), or having a drink or two while her kid play…let her live! We moms deserve our escapes, and can’t always get them sans kiddos. We gotta do what we gotta do to keep ourselves sane. As long as the kiddos aren’t being endangered in ANY WAY…I say it’s ok to have your moment. Don’t let anyone and their ideas of what a mom should and shouldn’t do stop you from having a moment to yourself. You deserve it girl!

What do you think of this post? do you agree or disagree? is there anything you want to add to it? Let me know in the comments below.