Baby Hair Hassles

Lately my son’s hair has been a big issue in our household. My husband isn’t ready for him to get a haircut, and he doesn’t always agree with what I decide to do. Bubba has really curly and soft hair, and yes I agree he isn’t ready for a full barber taper and line up. But he is ready for a trim to even things out…even if my husband doesn’t agree. Unfortunately I can’t take him to get a trim without him, because that would be super f*cked up, and I would be forced to kill him if he took my baby boy to get his first haircut without me. 

So to deal with his wild and unruly hair, I have started to put his hair in man buns, and two cornrows. The man bun is adorable on him, and the cornrows are as well. The only problem is that I personally can’t braid his hair, so his daycare provider does it…but I got the man bun down to a science. lol. Here is what my cutie booties two styles look like. The Braids were fresh and the man but wasnt as crisp as it could be because, was bedtime, but you get the picture. 

*If you’re wondering why i blurred my babies face, it’s because he’s too young to be on the internet like that. Agree or disagree that’s just how I feel as his mom.*

My husband is okay with both of these styles, although it was like pulling teeth to get him to agree to do them, but there is another problem. When it comes to doing hair, Bubba hates when we touch his hair! He will fuss and fake cry until its done…but once it’s done has the audacity to go stare at himself in the mirror and try to kiss himself. LOL. It is so annoying and so cute at the same time. Now I don’t know why he doesn’t like us to do his hair, but anyone else can, but that is just how it is. And if you are wondering if maybe he’s tender-headed…he’s not! He just likes to give me a hard time.

So here’s what I need to know, from anyone who reads this and has a little one who doesn’t like to get their hair done by their own parent. What do you do to get them to sit still for long enough to do it? I am open to any advice on this matter. I have tried the iPad and TV, but he still tries to run from me or is constantly turning his head. Am i doomed to have to fight with him for all eternity? Or is there a solution? HELP!!!! Leave and any all advice in the comments below…and comments on your kids Hair Hassles are welcome too.



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