TF Thursday

Today I am in a bit of a mood. I am annoyed/irritated with so many things in my life right now, that its amazing I haven’t snapped. And no I am not talking about the ending up on WE TV kind of snapped…I’m talking about going on a rampage and cursing everyone one out type snapped. In an effort not to do this, I have decided to just vent here. So strap on your seat belts and shield your virgin eyes and reading ears…because sh*t is about to get real.


  1. When TF did we stop asking the lady of the house is sh*t was ok? Last time I checked all things should be run by the woman of the house to ensure she is comfortable with it. Yes the man of the house has a say…but his say ain’t the only one!
  2. Where TF all my wine? It’s one thing to drink 1 bottle, but 5?! And not to mention I haven’t got a drop of any of them. That’s just rude.
  3. Why is my house the “kick it” spot? Yes, I do live in a house I own, and not an apartment…but that does not automatically make my house the hang out spot. Take y’all asses elsewhere. 2 days are cool, but after that its excessive and intrusive.
  4. When did it become ok to eat all the food in my house? Yes you are visiting, but that doesn’t mean I’m feeding everyone who drops by. Those leftovers were supposed to be my lunch for work…but now I don’t have sh*t because everyone and they mama is eating my f*ckin food.
  5. Why TF don’t y’all have something better to do? I have a whole ass family that I love and live with and don’t want to see you everyday. Yes I know your bored…but there are other things you could do. Figure it out!
  6. Why TF do people have to be shady?! Just keep it real and stop trying to hide and get over on people. Karma is a bitch and you’re gonna get yours sooner rather than later. You tried to screw the wrong f*ckin one buddy. It’s on!
  7. Why TF do I feel like sh*t and I started my TOM early? It is so monumentally f*cked up that I am irritated by all of these outside factors, and then my body turns on me. C’mon dude! 
  8. When TF is the weather going to change so that I can be outside until the wee hours, gathering my calm and patience, without being cold?! I need the weather to get it together so that I can too.

Well there you have it folks. My lit of the most recent and frustrating irritants to date. I hope everyone else’s last week or so have gone better than mine or get better than mine…and i hope mine does too. Oh and feel free to vent in the comments below if you need to.



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