Adult Jealousy

I have come to realize that once you reach adulthood, jealousy comes about. Now keep in mind that this jealousy is actually for functioning adults in society, and not the peter pans of the world who don’t want to grow up or get their sh*t together. Nope….those assholes don’t even remotely count because they don’t struggle like we do. This week I have come to realize that I am jealous of both my husband, and my former self. This sounds crazy af…but stick with me.

My husband is a teacher, which means he gets all the holidays and vacations known to man. My former self was a stay at home mommy, and a student. With both of those I had summers and vacations, already pre-made into my schedule. Now that I have a real adult job, I don’t get that. I just realized how bad this sucks, because my husband is currently on spring break. 

While he is at home relaxing and sleeping in, I am at work and adulting. The baby (who is now 2) is at school all day, so he literally has time to himself. I am so f*ckin jealous that he not only has a break, but that he has legit time to himself. Yes he can clean the house or run errands and do sh*t like that…but all of that is a choice. It can be done on his time, and take as long as he needs. (That is until I get home…it should be done before then lol)

I miss having breaks and vacations that I didn’t have to put in time for. Teachers and students have it f*cking made! They are living in the lap of vacation luxury! What I wouldn’t give to know that I had a whole month+ of freedom twice a year with week long breaks in between. I really took all that sh*t for granted when I had it, and for that I would like to apologize to my younger self. Lol.

Long story short, adult jealousy, in my case, is being jealous of those younger than me, or those with better holiday schedules than me. I don’t care about people who have fancy things or are constantly flaunting sh*t on social media. That is frivolous bs that has nothing to do with nothing. However, for those who are able to take looong vacations and spontaneous trips, because they can and not because they saved up time to do so, I am for sure jealous of them. I remember how nice that was, and therefore my jealousy is completely justified lol.

Oh and I would like to tell those people who I am jealous of, my husband included, that you suck! You can’t ever complain about anything work related, as you know that you will have a break from it on various times throughout the year. Quit complaining and enjoy your freedom. Before you know it, you will have to be like me and really adult. PTO is great…but that has to be pre-planned waaaay in advance, and having to request and save time takes out a lot of the excitement from it. Putting it simply…I just want to be irresponsible and still get my vacation. One can dream.

Do you have a case of Adult Jealousy? If so, what causes it? Let me know in the comments below.



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