The Rule of Manners

I just realized I missed ALL of March! I swear this working mommy think is waaay harder than it looks lol.

It’s April and that means that it is my baby’s birthday month! He will be turning 2 on Friday and I am NOT ready for my baby to be a big boy. Ok…enough mushy gushy mommy crap. Now onto the real deal.

I have come to realize that there is a big difference between myself and others when it comes to manners. I am not referring to covering your mouth when you cough/sneeze, No. I am referring to common sense and courtesy manners. I swear I feel like the things I know to be and not to be ok, some people have no f*cking concept of. And what’s worse is that when i comment on it, they get an attitude with me like I’ve done something wrong.

Now please don’t think I run around in life correcting everyone for everything. I don’t have that kind of time nor do I truly care enough to do that to everyone. But those people who I deal with regularly, or those who just do some sort of egregious violation of manners, I most definitely say something. In my opinion it is better to let someone know what is not okay with you, than to just tolerate the f*ckery. I shouldn’t have to be irritated with your actions if I have the option of letting you know what I think about them.

I already know that some people disagree with this idea, or the way that i function in general, but honestly I don’t care. It has gotten me by for years, and I trust my own methods lol. But just for the sake of arguing both sides, I am going to give a scenario that I recently encountered that I was NOT OK with, and said something about.

Picture it! You are at a dinner table with a group of mixed company. Some are friends, some are acquaintances, and the others you are just meeting. Now imagine you have all finished your meals, and your drinks, and are now just chit-chatting enjoying the environment and company. The server comes to the table and asks are we ok, and if you would like the bill. In this moment, one of the people who IS your friend, but invited the other acquaintances and new faces leans over the table to make a statement. That statement, along with the body language to demonstrate what she is about to say, is that she is going to pay for everyone but you and your other friend. *insert sideeye and eye roll here*

So riddle me this…what would you do? If you are anything like me…its time to check a b*tch! Now I’m not suggesting you do exactly what I do, which is ask her what in the entire f*ck is wrong with her, but I do think you should say something. Why do I think that, because that sh*t is NOT ok! So after the aforementioned statement of WTF, I simply asked her why she would do something so rude. I understand that you want to pay for some people, but don;t ever in your life disrespect me or anyone like you just did. That was the ultimate display of no manners. It was worse than people talking about something in front of you that you either don’t know about, or wasn’t invited to. It’s rude as f*ck and should never be done. 

All in all, I feel that manners are about discretion and respect. You need to exercise discretion in certain situations, and you also need to respect that others aren’t going to accept everything you do. Yes you may or may not know that something isn’t ok, but if you are told by someone who isn’t, use your discretion from then on out. Moral of the story here…manners are mandatory even though common sense isn’t common. Let that sink in lol.

Has someone every done something to you or in your presence that you felt was not ok and a bad display of manners? Let me know in the comments below.


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