Woman Wednesday: Moving Too Fast

YAAAAAY! Woman Wednesday is back lol! I am so proud of myself for doing this today lol. Now onto the fun.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, and I have seen soooo much bullsh*t. Yea that’s right, I’m calling people on their sh*t. Sadly, most of the people guilty of said bullsh*t, are women. I am not sure why women use a commercialized holiday to do waaaaaay too much, with the hopes of something greater. Let me explain.

Women and valentine’s day are like water and soap. Sh*t is either gonna bubble up into an uncontrollable mess, or you do just enough and it’s perfect. By this I mean some women go over the top, and some women don’t. But it’s the women who go over the top that are the real problem with this “holiday,” and they are always the ones who have only been dating the man for 6-8 months. *insert sideye here*

It truly makes no sense to buy someone, whom you have only been dating for a limited amount of time, and $100+ gift. Please don’t get me wrong…I am not saying you shouldn’t get them a gift. What I am saying is that you should get something reasonable. By reasonable I mean something that is under $50. I know some of you are probably thinking that I’m cheap for that, but you can for sure make an epic gift for under $50. It’s about the thought not the price.

Women who go all out and buy shoes with the matching outfits for someone, whom they have only been dating for a short time, are in for an upset. This upset will come from when they either break up with the boyfriend, or don’t get something they feel is equivalent to what they gave. Over gifting is moving too fast, and moving too fast is a relationship killer.

In most successful relationships, there is a balance of movement. This means that each person in the relationship is moving at the same pace. There can’t be one person that is going at light speed, and the other is going at a regular to slow snails pace. It just wont work out. There will never be a proper balance within the relationship if one person is pushing too hard while the other is coasting. 

So bottom line ladies…please stop making something out of slivers. Yes I know the saying is “something out of nothing,” but if you are in some sort of relationship…no matter how new or small, it is a snippet of what could be your happy ever after. Take it from a married young woman, you don’t have to move to fast to get to the finish line. If you do you will just be upset in the long run, and miss all the fun and f*ckery in between.

What do you think of this post? Leave it in the comments below.



One thought on “Woman Wednesday: Moving Too Fast

  1. Yes you are so right Moma Toodles!
    We as woman put out heart and out pay checks on our sleeves. And then leave them there till time to clean. We give our all and pretend we are ok when we done get shit. And when it is a “new boo boo”! We are stuck on stupid. Preach the word MT. You know!


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