Dieting Devil

My husband and I have decided that we are going to get back in shape together. Now if you have read my previous posts regarding my health and weight, you would see that at one point I tried, but then I decided that I was happy with my body the way it was. Well Here’s and update on that…I saw a picture of myself recently…and WAS NOT okay with it. And being that I wasnt happy with how I looked…I’m changing that.

So back to the title of this blog. I have never dieted a day in my f*ckin life! I mean until I had my son, I had been the same since junior year of high school! And for the record that is now 11/12 years ago. But back to what I was saying. Being the same size, give or take a lb, for that long…it makes you definitely feel some type a way about your body. Specifically like you know it super well. Well after Bubs that is no longer the case, and I have to try harder.

With that trying harder comes dieting, with dieting comes hunger, and with hunger comes anger. Yea that’s right I said it, anger. Dieting make people f*cking mean. I am angry every time im hungry lol. My husband says that I am having food withdrawals, which is common with dieting and it goes away. I will admit that it has gotten better, but I would stab him in the side for a damn donut or a coke at this point. (It’s funny because it’s true)

So overall what I have to say for this whole diet thing is that its going great, I’m feeling good about working out everyday and eating better…but I it f*cking sucks at the exact same time. I am going to tough this out, because I refuse to ever see a picture of myself (like the one that hurt my feelings) again. I’d say that i would keep you guys updated…but that is a promise that i just can’t keep lol.

Have you ever dieted? If so how did it go and what did you miss eating? Leave it in the comments below.



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