The Female Friendship

Men are lucky. When they make friends it can last for a lifetime. That’s because they don’t dabble in the arena of pettyness the way women do. If they have a problem they either fight it out and are still friends after. The other option is that they talk sh*t in a passive aggressive manner until it leads to a fight….after which they are friends again lol. Women don’t do that sh*t…and we should.

As women, it’s hard to have a large group of close GIRLfriends. This, I feel, is because women are too competitive. It is a sad, but true fact, and it is something that is totally unnecessary if you are truly  a friend to someone. When women have a disagreement, it can spiral into a world of bullsh*t and feelings. I myself am a woman who shares my thoughts and feelings with someone I’m mad, regardless if that is gonna make someone uncomfortable. But this is a rare quality, as I have come to realize.

The other day I was talking to a good friend of mine because she needed to vent. Of course I was there for her (because that’s what friends do), and I’m also hella nosey so I wanted to know the tea lol. Well she essentially has a friend who is hating on her whole entire life/relationship. Everything good in her life is something to be commented on by her “friend.” It’s so obvious to me that the girl is jealous, and instead of just admitting that she is envious or whatever the case may be, she just makes b*tchy comments at every chance she gets. Not OK! 

I’m sure that if you’re a woman and reading this, you have at least 3 “friends” in your life who are (or hopefully who were) like this. That is because women hate to see other women doing great, if they aren’t doing just as great. It’s completely stupid and childish, but it’s how we function. We would be better of acting like men in this sense, but that would be too much like right. For women its easier to be shady that it is to be genuine when in a friendship. Yes, that’s super f*cked up…but its the truth.

Of course there are the friendship exceptions, in which you are all really close and can keep it real without it going wrong, but more often than not those friendships were developed in adulthood. I truly believe that women have to make friends in adulthood if they want to keep them. Otherwise the friendships are going to fall off into the abyss of f*ck-that-b*tch-land. 

What I’m saying in a nutshell is that women need to learn how to be friends so that they can have friends. Knock it off with all the shady sh*t and the back talking and gossiping. If you have something to say to someone…say it! Who cares if they don’t like if you’re keeping it real. Id rather be real with a small circle of friends, than fake with a large group where half the women are b*tches who I don’t like and don’t like me.

What do you think about women and friendships? Do you think it’s a fight for us to keep them or make them? Let me know in the comments below.



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