Freaky Friday: Hoe Fasho

LMAO. I’m sure you’re already thinking “wtf is this woman talking about?” Well this is something that I stand by. A lot of people have asked me how my husband and I seem like we are happy or best friends. Specifically people in my generation (28yrs young) ask how we don’t get bored with each other. Well my answer to that is that 1) we were friends before we were anything, and 2) I’m his ho. Don’t get it? Well stay tuned.

Many women think that once they are in a relationship that they can change. Yes you can change some things, but one thing you shouldn’t change is your sex drive. Sex is a pivotal part of any romantic relationship, as it is the physical ying to your emotional yang. One cannot function well without the other. Actually…I lied. One can function without the other, but it would be a boring relationship, or a hook up. Neither of those is a good thing long-term. But back to me being my husbands ho.

Most people who cheat do it because the person they are with is no longer interesting. They have got boring and complacent in the relationship, and therefore on partner tends to venture out into the world of foreign fornication. This has not, and WILL not happen to me, because of how I am with my husband. I am:

  1. His wife
  2. His girlfriend
  3. His mistress
  4. His side b*tch
  5. His stripper
  6. and His hoe

There is not a b*tch in this world that can replace me, because on any given day, I have already replaced MYSELF…with MYSELF! He doesn’t wanna go out and play in the dirt when he can roll around in diamonds at home. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life, so why act the same way, sexually, each time you have sex. That sh*t gets old real fast.

Mix it up! Dress up, dress down, don’t dress at all…WHATEVER! Do it in the kitchen, the bathroom, the hallway, on the patio. Wherever is clever and convenient…DO IT! Basically just let loose. There doesn’t have to be set rules and regulations to intimacy in relationships. The only time that happens is when one person in the party is more adventurous than the other…or in some cases more boring. But I highly doubt that every person reading this is into some s&m type shit…but if you are, more power to you. As long as it feels good and you’re happy with how it all went down…that’s all that matters. No one can tell you what the right kinda sexy-time is for you. Do you boo. And don’t let anyone sway you from doing it.

 Now if you feel like anything I just said is crass…then you’re probably boring in the bedroom, and noticing some issues in your relationship that revolve around sex. I’m not judging you, but if you really wanna change things, stop being so damn pent-up sexually. Liberation is so lovely, and tapping into your feral desires is not a bad thing. Not only is it good for your partner….but it’s also good for you. Lots of studies show that sex increases endorphin’s, and endorphin’s make you happy. So look at it this way…satisfying horniess = increasing happiness. And NO I am not suggesting you should go out and play pass that p*ssy. I am only referring to this in committed (hopefully long-term) relationships. 

What are your thoughts on being your partners hoe? Are you for it, or against it? Let me know in the comments below.




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