Big Boy or Parented?

YAAAAAY! I’m finally posting in December! I’m super proud of myself right now lol. 

Ok so here’s the thing. I have had a many of mommies, some friends some strangers, look at my little dude and comment on how much of a big boy he is. Yes, I do feel like my baby is a big boy now…but its only because he is no longer in his crib. He is still only 1 and a half years old (20months tomorrow), so he really isn’t that old. But to some people he is because of not only how he looks, but how he acts. This led me to the realization…that some people need to stop babying their babies!

My son has 87 words in his repertoire. And for anyone who is thinking “how does she know that” my husband and I literally made a list of all his words…and counted them. Time consuming, yes, pointless…maybe lol. So back to my point. At 1 and a half years old, my son 87 words, and can form 3-4 words sentences. He can also count to ten by ones and twos. So not to brag…but my kids the sh*t! Bragging aside, I feel like all the kids in his daycare are on the same intellect track as he is. So to me my son is smart, but he should be this smart at this age.

That being said…im gonna need some moms to get it the f*ck together. Why is your kid 1 and not talking, or only saying uhoh/mama/dada/no? That means that you are babying your damn baby. STOP IT! Little Timmy/Tammy don’t need to be babied. No…they need to be spoken to like real little humans. I talk to my son like I would talk to any other person. Granted I don’t use my more colorful language lol, but you get the gist. I dont baby talk him, and I dont simplify what I am saying. How is he supposed to learn if im constantly dumbing sh*t down for him? The answer to that question is that he isn’t. 

In my opinion my kid is normal. Don’t try to call him a f*ckin big boy just because your kid is behind his curve. Now please don’t get me wrong…I am by no means calling someone elses baby dumb or slow. Not at all. But…I am calling the parent dumb and slow. They are DUMBing down things for their kid, which in turn is SLOWing down their progression and maturation. What f*cking sense does that make. The answer is NONE! Yes your baby will always be your baby, but that does NOT give you the excuse to treat them as such. Parent your damn kid.

I am very aware that there is always a different method to everyone’s parenting madness, but to constantly use to excuse that my kid is just a “big boy” is bullsh*t. My kid is as much of a kid as yours…I just don’t allow myself to hinder him by babying him. Get it together people! I parent my child in a way that he wants to learn and grow. Yes, he is smarter than the average bear (totally biased and not ashamed btw) but I encourage that by encouraging him. I dont just let him act like a baby because he is my baby. So please people who know me and dont….stop calling my damn kid a “big boy” and implying that he’s just so grown up. He is still a baby…Im just parenting him like a person.

What do you think about this topic? leave your thoughts in the comments below.



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