November Sucks

So obviously November has been a month of little to no action on my blog. That’s because I have had everything and nothing going on at once. Doesn’t make sense? Trust me it does.

This month has been the longest month of my mommy and wife life. I swear that everything that could go wrong this month has gone wrong. From my baby being sick, to my work schedule being slightly inconvenient with the Turkey day holiday, to me getting no sleep…this month has SUCKED!

Now if you read my last blog, you know all about my baby being sick. It was scary as hell, and hard to deal with because all he wanted was mommy all day everyday. That alone made it tiring for me because anytime i was in his presence, no one could touch him besides me. If you’re a mom I’m sure you know how having a 27lb little human hanging off your leg can be.

As for work, I absolutely love my job, and the people I work with are super cool. But the week of Turkey Day was super hard for me. On top of working, I had to plan for our “friendsgiving” that my husband scheduled. Working a full on Wednesday, and then having to come home and cook….f*ckin sucked. I was exhausted and in all honesty didn’t feel like having any company when I got home. Thankfully it was super nice and I enjoyed myself thoroughly, but that didn’t change the fact that I could have went home and had a beer and a nap. LOL.

Now for being tired. My husband has been snoring like he is trying to suck the f*cking studs out of the walls. Omg I promise you I have felt like smothering him in his sleep on more than one night. And add to the equation my son has decided that he no longer wants to sleep through the night…in his bed. So of course he calls my husband who gets up and brings his little butt into our room and bed. Then he proceeds to start-up his sleep assassin routine, and it ONLY is against me. I don’t know what the hell it is about my husband and his side of the bed, but the baby doesn’t want to sleep or fight over there. Only on my damn side! That’s such bullsh*t! Oh and if you’re wondering, yes this has been going on all has. 

So that has been November in a nutshell. I need a complete break from this month, and a long ass nap. I’m hoping that now that this month is practically over, that I will have time to post more frequently. Oh and if anyone has any idea on how to retrain a 1 and a half-year old to not only sleep through the night, but stay in his own damn bed…please feel free to leave it in the comments below. I’m desperate.




One thought on “November Sucks

  1. Hey maybe you need a great, awesome, fabulous, gracious, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the baby so that his parents can go to work, getting up at all hours of the nite, washing clothes and changing bed leninen kind of mother! That gave you a Porsche to drive all week while she made sure dinner and lunch was ready when the parents came home! Oh you did not look on ANGIE’s list did you? Just saying!

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