Friday-Sunday: In Sickness and in Hell

Heads up! This is gonna be a long one folks! 

My weekend was a mess. My husband and my baby were sick, from Thursday till now, and I’m trying to fight off getting sick. I am literally on a daily cocktail of 1 pack of emergen-c in the morning, a cup of theraflu daytime, green tea and honey through the day, and a pack of theraflu nighttime in the evening. I refuse to be sick while their sick….it would make it harder to take care of everyone.

Now yes them both being sick is rough, esp my husband because he gets real irritable when he’s sick (like I did it to him or something lol. Trust me sweetheart…I would NEVER choose for you to be sick. I don’t need to have two babies in the house lol. But back to the story of my weekend). So with his irritability, and the babies on and off irritability…it was a mad house. I of course still had to go to work while they were at home trying to nurse themselves back to health. But as it seemed they were both getting better, my baby took a turn for the worse. 

On Saturday afternoon he had a fever of 102.8. Yes that is high, so I gave him a cool bath (which my poor baby he screamed the entire time during), did the alternating medicines, and let him walk around the house in just his diaper. Unfortunately this didn’t help at all. He still had a fever, and it never broke under 100.2. So of course I was worried, but I was sure that on Sunday, it would break and everything would be OK. I was wrong.

The entire time he has the fevers, it floated in between 100.2 and 102. The highest being the 102.8 on Saturday afternoon. His appetite was fine, he was using the bathroom normal, and he was still my little goofy butt baby…if not a little fussy at times. On Sunday afternoon this all changed. He was extremely fussy, and only wanted to be held by me or my husband, did want to play, and after a while, just laid around and kept falling asleep. Of course this worried me, so I took his temp (103.1) and called the advice nurse. She told me that at his age that wasnt a worrisome fever, and to not give a cool bath anymore. (Sidenote: apparently cool baths are no longer advised as it does not lower the core body temperature due to the child feeling cold and shivering. the shivers raise the body temp even higher and therefore cool baths are not something we should to anymore.)

After the call to the advice nurse, which of course she told me to call back if anything changed and what not, my little guy went down for his nap. We left him in just his diaper and turned the ceiling fan on his room to help keep him cool. When he woke up, he was extremely fussy and lethargic, and only wanted to be held. My husband took his temp and it was 104.7! We immediately started getting dressed to go to the ER. On our way I called the advice nurse again, so that she could give the ER a heads up that we were on our way. When we got there we only had to wait about 5 minutes to be seen.  

Once in the triage area, we found out that his temp had dropped to 104, because we rode with the windows down all the way there, and that the doctor would be in within 5 minutes to speak with us. He was there in 3. Thankfully babies are priority in the ER. When he examined my little dude we found out that he had red ear (but not an ear infection), and a severely sore throat (but not strep). He then prescribed prescription grade baby ibuprofen and Tylenol. We waited there for about 2 hours, and then my happy little baby came back to me. The lethargic fuss bucket that he once was gone, and my son was himself again…with a temperature of 99.6. 

After being discharged and picking up his prescription along with the special dosing and instructions (because he has a tolerance for meds like his mommy and therefore has to have special stuff lol) we went to target to get him some snacks, and then home. He woke up this morning with a fever of 99.4 (worlds better than what he once was) and singing “wheels on the bus” to my husband and I. Of course he’s still at home with daddy today, because he can go to school yet, but as long as he is my happy baby again, and not with a dangerously high fever, im happy.

To say that yesterday was one of thee most stressful days of my mommy life was an understatement. I was freaked the f*ck out and worried to death that something was wrong with my baby. Thankfully I was able to stay calm and not have a mental and emotional break down, even though I was dangerously close to both, and get things done. I can definitely say that the hospital did a great job of fixing my baby and making sure we were all OK…but I never want to have this sh*t happen again. I’d be a damn alcoholic if it did, because I definitely went home and had me a shot of whiskey.

So yea. that was my weekend in “Sickness and in Hell,” and was f*ckin horrible. I pray no mom every has to go through something like this , but if they do…that they have a great husband and medical team to help like I did.

P.S…F*ck im tired! And I could still use another drink lol.



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