Woman Wednesday: Lady Guilt

Forgot to post this yesterday lol.

Wife Wednesday is back! Today’s topic is Lady Guilt. And yes I said “lady” and not “mommy” guilt. That’s because as women we are always feeling guilty for stupid ass f*cking reasons. And of course none of those reasons ever are actually valid. Let me give a little list of some of the things that I feel stupidly guilty for.

  • Sleeping late. Yup. I feel guilty for sleeping in late. Crazy right? Nevermind that I was up when the baby got up, and didn’t go back to sleep until after he was sleep for 20 minutes or more. Oh and please don’t think that my husband didn’t help. He “helped” by going to get the baby and bring him in our bed…and then went right the f*ck back to sleep. *insert side eye here* So after all of this “help” I am tired as hell, and sometimes sleep in…and I have the nerve to feel guilty. Like I have somehow wronged my husband and son by being so damn tired from running my household that i had the audacity to sleep. Seriously…wtf?
  • Not Cleaning. Stupid right? I mean why should i feel guilty for NOT cleaning my entire house when there is another adult living there? The answer to that is I shouldn’t…but I do. I mean how crazy would it be to have my husband help with more than one chore around the house? It’s not like he’s incapable. I have seen him clean…with my own two eyes and everything. Honest I have. But the crazy part of all this is that I feel guilty because in some crazy ass world I have talked myself into believing that I have to clean if I want it done right. Honestly…maybe the wrong way is ok sometimes.
  • Not Cooking. Who in the f*ck suggested that mommy/wife cooks a meal every night? If I ever find out who did…I’m gonna cut them! The last thing I want to do after a long day of being a mom and wife who works is cook. Standing in front of the stove for hours does not sounds appealing. I’m tired, I need a shower, I want a drink, and I am hungry but don’t want to be bothered with making food. Oh and lets not talk about how you asked your honey to take something out the freezer…and they didn’t! This makes you just want to yell “SON OF A B*TCH” at the top of your lungs as soon as you see that sh*t. Like how hard is it to put something in the sink to defrost?! Obviously its like performing brain surgery. But back to my guilt over not cooking. I feel guilty and like I’ve let down my family…and we’re all gonna die of starvation and malnutrition. All of this because I didn’t cook. #F*CKERY
  • Being Pissed. This has got to be the number one things that I hate that we as women feel guilty about. Why is that when we are pissed, whether it be rightfully so or in some batsh*t crazy capacity, that we feel guilty for being pissed? Clearly whatever happened to get us angry is not our fault…but we end up feeling guilty because of it. If you’re wondering what i mean by feeling guilty for being pissed…think about the last time you were pissed. Did you ask yourself “why am i even mad,” or tell yourself “I need to just calm down” ? The answer to that is yes…you dfid. This isn’t you being rational either, because if you were being rational you would have never got pissed in the first damn place. No this is your woman brain telling you that you need not be angry because on some level you know it’s not “lady like.” Well to that i say kiss my sweet buns! I am tired of being mad about being mad. Let me live in my anger damnit! LMAO. We shouldn’t feel guilty or bad about being angry ladies. We should accept the fact that sometimes everyone else in the world has no sense, and we’re right. If women spent less time talking themselves out of being angry and just let the anger ride…I bet we’d be a lot more pleasant.

Well there you have it folks. Those are my top four things that I hate having Lady Guilt over. It may sounds crazy, or like I’ve over analyzed this, but the truth is…im right and you know it lol.

What are some of the things that you have Lady Guilt over? Leave your answers in the comments below.



One thought on “Woman Wednesday: Lady Guilt

  1. You are so right! We as women always try to talk our selves out of being pissed. Knowing we have the right to stop all of the F*ckery, clamp down and let the world know we are pissed the hell off! Why are we pissed,because of YOU, that right,YOUR crazy A** . If women would let go and embrace their “pissness “, they could cancel, “Snapped, Fatal Attraction, and Female Serial Killer!” Just sayin!

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