Freaky Friday: The Inconvenient Libido

Freaky Friday is finally back! I have really been slacking in getting up posts…but life is busy and sitting in front of any computer screen is just not possible most days. But…today…I have time. So let’s get to it.

Women are so unlucky when it comes to sex. Yes! I said it. We do have the power of the p*ssy…but the power of the libido is not something we have. If this isn’t making sense you have to really sit back and think about what we as women go through. All women have sex drives, some have higher ones than others, but either way we have them. However, we tend to have higher sex drives at the most inconvenient freaking times.

I’m not talking inconvenient times like how men want to get busy at 3 in the f*ckin morning either. No, I’m talking about wanting sex more when T.O.M. is in town, or wanting it when your man is out-of-town. That is so damn crazy to me. Like what in our bodies decides when to let us get horny. And why does it always have to happen when we are in no real position to handle it. Oh and I know that some of you like to play hide the sausage during that time, but I don’t subscribe to crime scene weekly…which means I don’t have sex during my lady time.

Aside from being super horny when your on your monthly,  if I’m really being honest, women tend to want sex the same if not more than men do. This can cause a problem too. When women get randy in the pants its something to behold. For us it’s not about the wam-bam thank you ma’am…and it’s not about the intimacy either. I know everyone seems to think that it is…but it isn’t. stop with that lie. sometimes we just want to get down and dirty. And during these times of outrageous horniness…if we don’t get what we want…we turn into she-demons.

Men. Have you ever not gave your woman some when she was hinting at the fact that she was horny and she was suddenly meant as hell to you? Well first let me tell you that you deserved it. How dare you not give her the goodies when she had a clear sweet tooth. Get your life! But I digress. Women get mean we are left unsatisfied. I mean after all we do during the day maintaining households and kids and jobs, the least we could get is some nookie when we want! Dont deny us damnit! But of course with The Inconvenient Libido…we rarely get what we want when we want because something else always comes up.

The moral of this post is that women deserve sex whenever and however we want. we already have to fight our own damn libidos and bodies…dont make us fight you.



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