Parental Progress

Yesterday was a successful mommy day for me. If you have read any of my previous posts, you know that my little guy has plenty of personality, and that my husband is wonderful but not always on the right page. And the right page is my page lol. Well last night we had a major breakthrough, Parental Progress if you will lol. Daddy finally got on the same page as mommy when it comes to putting Bubba down for bed. More importantly…he admitted I WAS RIGHT, and that my way of putting the baby to bed was BETTER!!!!!! Let me give you the deets on how the night played out.

Picture it! My house, 1 am, and the dog wakes up having to go poop. This happened Thursday morning, and of course my husband was so sleep that he didn’t hear the dog crying at our bedroom door. And no, the door was not closed. It was WIDE OPEN so there is no reason he shouldn’t have heard the dog. So I get up and go to let the dog out to use the bathroom, and of course, he takes 90 f*ckin years to do so. I literally stood at the sliding door to the backyard, half sleep and cold, for 20 minutes waiting on his ass to pee or poop. When he finally did poop he acted as though he didn’t want to come inside, and if it wasn’t 43 degrees…he woulda stayed out there. If it is between my sleep and a potential dogsicle…sleep wins every f*ckin time. I finally got him to come inside (with all kinds of 1am crazy threats), and got back in the bed.

At around 4am, or earlier (idk because the clock isn’t on my side and my phone fell on the side of the bed), the baby wakes up. He turns on his room light and starts calling MY NAME. Sidenote: That sh*t is so annoying. Call your damn daddy so that he can do some sh*t in the middle of the night lol. So of course I try to ignore it, but he doesn’t let up, and proceeds to play “who wants to be an epileptic” with the light switch. Finally my husband gets up (because I “gently” nudged him in the leg lmao) and what does he do? He brings the baby IN OUR BED! I have told him time and time again to NOT bring the baby into our bed. But does he listen…f*ck no! And of course, the baby keeps saying “mama play” while laying on my head…so I have to get up. We go in his room and close the doors, I turn on his lantern, and proceed to go back to sleep and let him play. By the way…if you’re wondering about the lantern, it’s because late night diaper changes are easier by lantern light, and I was still trying to sleep, so he got to have a lil fake camp out toy time.

If you guessed that when my husband woke up, he started to complain about how tired HE was (after I was the one up), you would be right. Not only did he tell me about how tired he was, he also told me that we needed to figure out a better way to get the baby to sleep. *insert blank face here* I just stared at him. Last time I checked, I told yo ass multiple times to get with the f*ckin sleep program that I have implemented, so that life would be easier, and you didnt listen. #BoyBye As I was staring at him, he noticed, and said “how do you get him to go to sleep without a fuss and stay sleep so easy?” I simply answered, ” I stick to my nite nite routine that you don’t do.” His response to that was, “we need to always do that then because he sleeps so much better, can you do it now?” (Timeout: “we don’t need to do sh*t…YOU do lol. Okay time in lol) I wanted to hop up and do my happy/I told you so/I was right dance…but you’ll all be happy to know that I didn’t. I simply said “sure…let me show you how it’s done.”

Baby was in bed and sleep by 8:36pm, with no attitude and no tears. I started the routine at 8:19pm.*Insert smirk here* He was shocked that it happened so easily, but I’m mommy, and therefore I am the sh*t. Oh and instead of waking up wanting to play, or being fussy until inevitably falling back to sleep…Bubba woke up at 6:30am. That, ladies and gents, is 20 minutes AFTER my husband and I wake up to start getting ready for work. This morning after the baby woke up and we got him ready for school, I turned to my husband and he said “Your way is cool.” SCORE FOR TEAM MOMMY! 

So yea…that is my successful mommy moment and my husband and I have officially made some Parental Progress. Damn I love moments like these.

Want to know my “Nite Nite” routine? Let me know if the comments below and I will add it to the bottom of this post.




One thought on “Parental Progress

  1. Well being a grandmother and only put my little one to sleep once a week! But here it is! We go to his fathers games, where he is head football coach! And his mother is in charge of EVERYTHING ELSE! I handle the little one. Mid way third quarter, I leave with the baby. After I have run his little butt till he can’t run and play any longer. I take him home. First I tell him to take off all of his clothes. I let him do as much as he can. I then give him a warm bath and fix him a small cup of warm milk. I then give him the cup and tell him to sit in his favorite seat and I put a blanket over his lap! I tell him DO NOT GO TO SLEEP. We are going to watch tv! NO NITE NITE!
    Within 5-10 Mintues he is sleep!
    Quick and easy!


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