Road Rules Of Dating

This post is for all my single ladies (and gents if you follow).

Recently I was talking to my little cousin about some things regarding relationships and how women act in them. The main thing that seemed to come up, was that we both have or had friends who are overly dramatic when it comes to dating. It sometimes gets to a point, where you feel like you need to have an intervention for your friend, or just slap the sh*t out of them so that they can come back to reality. Due to this I felt the need to give my two cents on the topic of dating. 

I believe that when dating, you should treat it like a freeway. Yes, I know that sounds pretty f*cking random and crazy…but hear me out. Like a freeway, dating has many different aspects. There are different lanes that go different speeds, signs, emergency lanes, and most importantly on ramps and off ramps. All of these things correlate to an aspect of dating, and like the rules of the road, shouldn’t be ignored.

Lanes: As well all know, the lanes of a freeway indicate how fast we are expected to drive. In dating, this can correlate to how fast you want your relationship to progress. Some people like to drive in the fast lane (giving up the goodie box early), some people like to drive in the slow lane (waiting a long time to take it to the next level), and some people like to drive in the middle lanes (which is not to fast and not to slow). If you are jumping back and forth between lanes, you will never know what speed you feel comfortable at. Choose one speed and stick to it. There is no judgement in choosing your lane…you just need to make sure that you aren’t being dangerous to your own health. And when you find that lane…STAY IN IT! Don’t go exploring other people’s lanes and cutting them off. That’ll get you caught up in an accident of your own making. 

Signs: You read the signs on a freeway to know where you’re going. You also read them to know about any things happening to the road up ahead, or if there is any traffic. So if you read these signs on the road, and listen to them, why wouldn’t you listen to the signs that people throw at you? There is no way that you are in a relationship, and there is no sign of where it could be going. Whether that sign be good or bad…it is going somewhere. Pay the f*ck attention ladies! Stop ignoring all the warning signs that you are being used for the good good or whatever else you can offer. Just because you want to be in a relationship, doesn’t mean you have to settle for the f*ckery and bullsh*t. Read the signs, and make good and informed decisions based on what you already know to be true. The obvious information tends to be the most trustworthy information when it comes to dating. You get in trouble when you start second guessing the signs.

Emergency Lanes: If you are driving, and you get into an accident or something goes wrong with your car…you pull over into the emergency lane. This same concept applies to dating. If there is something that goes wrong, or that you are just not cool with…pull the f*ck over! Don’t just sit back and watch a disaster unravel. You need to take a time out and evaluate the situation, so that you are still happy when everything calms down or ends. As women we tend to want to let things play out, hoping that whoever we are dating has the sense enough to know better. Well that is WRONG! Common sense is not common, and you can’t expect the person you are dating to be on the same level/page as you. Pull over, evaluate, talk it out, and then continue on your course to happiness.

On Ramps & Off RampsThese are the most important parts of the freeway, because without them, there would be no actual freeway. Getting on and off when it’s your time to do so, is very important when it comes to freeways and relationships. However, just because there is an exit, doesn’t mean you should take it. By this I mean that not every man is meant for you to leave the dating game. If you are constantly thinking that Mr. Right Now is Mr. Right…you’re gonna end up taking a sh*t ton of wrong exits, before you get to the destination meant for you. Most of the women I know who feel “unlucky in love,” are guilty of this offense. It isn’t that your unlucky…you’re just lost. How can you ever know where you are supposed to be (or who your supposed to be with) if you keep getting off the freeway of dating with every damn guy you like? To be honest…its pretty f*cking crazy to think that you won’t be one of those “lost in love” type women if you do this sh*t. So ladies…please don’t exit the freeway of dating unless you’re sure about the guy. Not every guy is worth a try, and not every try is worth the guy. Yes there will be some bad exits…but you then know what areas you don’t like being in when it comes to relationships. So please…do yourself a favor and choose your exit carefully.

Now I know that this is an unusual way to think about dating, but it works for me (after-all I am married which means I chose my right exit). However, I think it makes perfect sense. It makes sense because it is something that everyone can relate to…if they have ever been in a car. I hope this helps at least one woman who is feeling like she has no luck, or that there is something wrong with her when it comes to dating and relationships. I can guarantee you that it’s not you as a person, just you as dating driver. So if you follow these few Road Rules Of Dating, then you should find your right exit when it comes up.


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