How Was Your Day?

I’ve realized that as a woman, a mom, and a wife…I spend a majority of my day asking other people how their days were. Of course it is the polite thing to do in some situations, but in some ways it has turned into a habit. A habit that I literally have no control over. Asking “How was your day,” is almost a knee jerk reaction towards some people, such as my son and husband, and frankly…I’m tired of it. 

Yes. I do care how their days were. I love them and their happiness, so why wouldn’t i? It is literally ingrained in my soul to care about how their day was, as much as it is ingrained in me to downplay my day. That’s some bullsh*t!!! Have you ever just really stopped to think how often you are actually honest about how your day REALLY was? I bet that you haven’t kept it 100% real in a loooooong time. Not to say you’re lying about how you day was, but you never really let on exactly how it was…especially if it was a bad one.

Something about having a bad day just makes women want to not be bothered. I know for me, when I have a bad day, I don’t want to tell anyone all the details of why it was bad. Actually…i take that back. I will tell my girls the straight up no holds bar truth, but my husband…nah. The reason I wont tell him, is because men have a way of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. If i have had a bad day do you really want to tell me “it could have been worse,” or “just let it go,” or “it’s not that serious”?????? The answer to that is HELL NO!!!!! I don’t need that type of sh*t when im already in a bad mood. All that is gonna do is piss me off even more. What I need is for someone to listen and just be in shock and awwww…and then remind me that I shouldnt do something that will end up with me having my own episode of deadly women. Nonchalance isn’t welcome when a woman is pissed off. Pick a side of the damn fence or get off my property.

For once I would love to tell the absolute truth about my bad day. I think it would be amazing if my husband came home, asked me how my day was, and i simply said “f*cked up.” From there he would listen to how my day ACTUALLY was (the un-simplified version) and say the right things when they need to be said…or just not say anything at all. I don’t need or want a cheerleader or hype man…but I do want to unload with dumb*ass comments being hurled my way after.

So ladies…I want to know how your days were…and I want you to keep it real. There are no kids on here, and if there are men on here…welcome to the inner circle of female irritation. Learn some things and take it back to your people lol. Leave your answers in the comments below. I look forward to your uncensored vent sessions lol.



One thought on “How Was Your Day?

  1. How was my day! I did not sleep all that well. Got up eat a little breakfast and started my day! Which was, checking with my sibling to make sure that one on them get off their lazy ass and brings our father to the doctor! Then going over to a very dear friend of mine, (that is now dead) and sitting and speaking with his parents, ( which I adore the father and the mother is a piece of work, not to mention his sister!). While there having to almost bite my tongue off, trying not to say what I really feel about the way things have gone down! Then to get to the airport, only to find out the flight has been delayed and hour! So how the hell do you think my day has gone or is going! Half sh*”y.
    Me sommches


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