WOMAN Wednesday: Separation of Love & Life

Alright ladies listen up! I am sick to f*ckin death of some of you who allow their love life and their social life to intersect too much. And before you bite my head off and say I’m tripping, just hear me out. For every relationship type (meaning dating, serious, or married) there is a woman who will ALLOW her self to get completely lost in her relationship. That sh*t is just dumb, and I don’t get it at all whatsoever.

It is crazy to me why some women feel the need to change because they are in a relationship. I mean you were you before ya man, or woman (it’s all love), and you are still you while you’re with them. But…we all have someone in our lives, either friend or family, who changes who she is and what she stands for…for a MAN! Like wtf?! I’m sorry but there is not a d*ck in this world good enough to make me forget me. And if there is, which I highly doubt, I’m gonna need him to teach a class to all men in the world. Us women could use some “forget me d*ck” lol.

Now I know it’s not all about sex, and that the relationship, and the way the woman feels is a big part of this. But come on dude…sometimes you need to curb your feelings and let your logic step up to bat. I have a few friends who let their hearts think for them, and all that has resulted in is partial brain damage and chest pains. If I hear one more damn sob story about how some woman has been “done wrong” or how she is just “so hurt” because she “loved him so much,” I’m gonna vomit! Just because you’re in a relationship does not mean it has to be the only one you have. 

Yes! I am talking about friendship neglect too. Ignoring your friends for a relationship is the quickest way to become a cat lady. I am not going to be friends with someone, who can only be my friend when her man is out-of-town or if she’s single. That is a level of f*ckery that I just wont tolerate, and if you do this…I think I should be allowed to throat punch you one good time. Not to mention that it is completely insulting to your future former friends (because this is what’s gonna happen if you keep acting this way) that you only hit them up when your going through something with your man, or if the relationship has ended. Whatever happened to chicks before d*cks? Obviously it’s as dead a concept as the 1970’s porn bush being sexy is. Damn shame.

So to clarify ladies…you can NOT change your personality like you change your undies. It just doesn’t work like that. If it did, I guarantee you that I would take off my personality every time I felt sad or mad and trade it in for a newer more pleasant model lol. Due to the fact that you can’t do this, there needs to be an immediate separation of love and life. You have to be able to maintain all relationships in your life. Your boo, your friends, your family, and most importantly yourself. If you are one of the women I am referring to in this post…then I suggest you do some real soul-searching before you lose your love life and your social life.  

Well that’s my rant of the day lol. I just had to touch on this matter because a few people I know have been dealing with this themselves, or through a friend. We gotta stop allowing ourselves to fall into a relationship and forget everything else ladies. It’s not healthy and it’s just not cool. Love you enough for you and live for you not love.

I have no question of the day, but feel free to ask me one or comment below.



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