Yesterday Today…MomME Time

Yesterday I wasn’t able to post because I was having some MomME time, and it was glorious. It was much-needed time to just be alone, with no responsibilities other than catering to me and anything and everything I wanted. Sometimes us mommas forget to take care of us, because we are too busy dong everything for everyone. Let me tell you about my day.

I woke up early, and went and got my nails done…at 9AM! YES! You read right. I was up and out of the house, without the hubs and the baby, by 9AM. It was craaaaazy, and when I was leaving the house I truly felt like  was forgetting something lol. Obviously I had everything I needed, aka my purse, but without the diaper bag and the baby…I felt naked lol. That’s when I realized that this little break of mine was MUCH needed.

So after my mani/pedi/massage…I went to do a little shopping. Of course I couldn’t find anything (typical right?) but I did do a thorough amount of browsing, and realized that on another day I could do some real shopping. Hopefully I can do that without buying the baby or the house anything, but I highly doubt it lol. I swear it’s like the curse of the mommy to forget to buy yourself something nice every now and then.

With the unsuccessful mini shopping trip under my belt, I then went to get my hair done. I know…hair and nails in the same day…what is this college?! LOL. Getting pampered at the salon was glooooooorious. I even got my hair flat ironed, which I haven’t been doing for quite some time, and got a much-needed trim. I swear as those ends, that were NOT cute lol, fell off…I felt like a new woman. And please re-read that…I felt like a WOMAN not a mommy.

Feeling like a woman and not just a mommy, was a foreign feeling. But as foreign as it was…it felt wonderful. it was almost like a found ME again, and I missed me. I missed just being able to get up and go do something nice for myself, that made me feel good and beautiful. It’s not that I don’t love being a mom and a wife, but I also love who I am outside of them. I needed to get back in touch with her, and I’m glad I did.

So for all you mommas who do everything for the family all day everyday, I encourage you to take some momME time and get back to being you. Youre just as important as the family you love and take care of, and don’t forget that. And I can definitely say that I plan on doing that again. At least once a month…in theroy. lmao. 

What are some things you would want to do on your momME time? Let me know in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “Yesterday Today…MomME Time

  1. I would love to have my very own bathroom! Where you can put out all of your pafumas and any other beautiful delicate woman thing you like! It would be all mines! No man or baby allowed in my private bathroom with the jet jacuzzi tub and all glass shower!
    Ms. Smooches


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