Back That A** Up

Okay! So one of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when people step into my bubble. Personal space is a serious thing to me…I take it super serious. I don’t know why, but for some strange and unusual reason, people I don’t know looooove to jump in my bubble. WTF?! Is personal space an outdated concept and I didn’t get the memo? If so I’m gonna need someone to fix that sh*t immediately! It is inappropriate and rude to be in another persons space.

The other day I was at Mommys R Us (aka Target), and whilst I was waiting in line, this woman and her kid violated my bubble. Now I know you’re probably thinking that “violate” is too strong of a word…but let me explain the situation. As I’m calmly standing in line waiting my turn for the cashier (I had coupons to use so self checkout wasnt an option sadly) they roll up in their cart. Now normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but the first thing that happens is that they bump into my heels. (Insert side-eye here) Of course I turned around to look at her, and all she said to me was “oops.” Ummmmm excuse me hefa…an apology is what you should be giving me right now.

Of course of alllll the days for Target to be running at the speed of paint drying, today would be the day. I’m already irritated by her “oopsing” me, and now I have to wait for the store to get it together and send out one of the many employees that are walking about. As I’m still patiently (well not really lol) waiting, this womans kid decides he wants to stand up in the cart, and start rocking back and forth screaming. And not just any scream. This kid is screaming at the top of her lungs, literally 2ft from my ear because she was leaning forward and away from her mom who was trying to grab her. So not only do I have to deal with the fact that you hit me, now baby junior son of a b*tch is screaming the store down…in my damn ear. NOT OK!

So finally the line moves forward, and I’m next to put my stuff on the belt. Do you know that this hefa had the AUDACITY to lean forward, OVER ME, and put her stuff down, before I was even done getting all my stuff out the cart! She was literally breathing on my neck trying to put her stuff down (sidenote: she was holding most of her stuff because her kid would “allow” her to put the items in the cart withe her). Now I’m pissed, so I not so calmly turn around and say “excuse you, you’re in my space,” to which she says “I have a kid okay?” *crickets* What in the hell does you having a bad ass little human with you have to do with you violating my personal space. Not a f*cking thing that’s what.

In response to the worlds stupidest response, I merely tell her that she needs to “BACK THAT A** UP, and get out of my personal space.” I also tell her that her kid is far to close to me, and everyone else in the store to be acting such a fool. Some of you may think mentioning her kid was harsh, but after 5 straight minutes of the screaming and hollering f*ckery…everyone in the store had enough. Everyone who heard me say it started to mumble their agreeance, and some even laughed. This upset the lady, and she proceeded to snatch her kid out of the basket, who was now trying to fall out on the floor as she hit her mom, and storm out of the store. But…the plus side…she gave me a WIDE berth of space when she did it. COMPLETELY out of MY bubble lol!

I don’t feel bad for how things went down at all. She needed a reality check that just because you have a kid, does NOT give you some asinine claim to being a d*ck. Nor does it excuse your lack of social grace and common courtesy. So if you are ever anywhere and someone is all in your bubble…please feel free to take a note from the pages of Ashley. Tell them to “BACK THAT A** UP,” and go about your day in a uninterupted way.

What are some of your biggest pet peeves? Let me know in the comments below.


One thought on “Back That A** Up

  1. This story literally had me dying!!!!!😩😂😴💀

    My biggest pet peeve with mommies-and-kids (sorry I’m not a mom yet lol), is when mommies use there cute kids to get away with murder! (Example: I’m a nice person, so this may not apply to all.. but I feel guilty when kids are selling candy or cookies and you almost feel obligated to participate in their little bake-sale, but in reality, the parents usually always pocket the money from their kids’ hustle….damn shame.


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