Wife Wednesday: WSW

I love being a wife and mom. It gives me a sense of completeness and accomplishment, that I didn’t know I wanted when I was single and out to mingle. Out of all the blessings and awesome things I have…I realized there is ine thing that I reaaaallllyyyy want. That one thing is….a WIFE! Yes you read that right ladies and gents…I want a wife! 

Now to clarify some things. WSW stands for wife seeking wife, and I am. Why you ask…well really it’s quite simple. Take a minute to think about all the things wives do. (Hums jeopardy music) It’s a long list isn’t it? I’m sure, like me, you started off with basic things like cooking and cleaning. However, as you started to think more, your mind started branching out to all the million other things wives do. It’s alot of sh*t isn’t it? The answer to that question is YES…it is.

As a wife, I know I do a sh*t ton of stuff. Most of the things I do goes unrecognized by the people in my house.  They’re just use to things going right…so they don’t ask questions on how it gets like that. Taking this into consideration, I have decided that I need me a wife to do all the things I do for me, and for my family. Only thing she doesn’t need to do, is parent, and have sexy time with the hubs. (I totally have that under control)

Lets be clear…I DON’T want another me. I want a Cinderella/Grandma/Mary Poppins type of wife. This means I want her to clean, cook, and fix problems…all with a smile on her face. I only do a fraction of those things with a smile on my face, a fraction of the time. Most of the time I’m  rolling my eyes and sideyeing anything within a 3ft radius of me…because I know what I’m doing is not gonna last after I’m done. #SuperIrritating

Having a wife would be like Christmas everyday. I’d wake up with a pep in my step and a sway in my way, all thanks to my wonderful wife. *le sigh* A girl can only dream lol. So…if you know anyone who wants to be a wife to another wife, without a real relationship or compensation, but a whole lot of respect…let me know. Lol

Would you want an extra wife or an extra husband? Let me know in the comments below.


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