The Honey-Do List

Every one who has ever been married, or known someone who is married, knows about the Honey-Do List. If not, I will enlighten you. It is a list that a wife gives her husband of chores to do over the weekend. Supposedly the man does all the items before the weekend is up, or does it over a long period of time. Personally…I think this is bullsh*t. The Honey-Do List is not a list of sh*t to do. It is a list of dumb*ss questions that your husband asks you. Don’t believe me…here are a few examples:

  • “Honey do you know where my keys are?”
    • No…I don’t. I wasn’t the last person to drive you car, nor was I around when you put the keys down.
  • “Honey do you know where my wallet is?”
    • No…I don’t. My money isn’t in your wallet(but it definitely could be…jsu say the word lol), so I don’t keep tabs on it.
  • “Honey do you know when you’re going to cook dinner?” 
    • No….I don’t. I have a thousand other f*cking things to do, and dinner is not at the top of the list. But please…feel free to do it for us.
  • “Honey do you hear the baby?”
    • If you’re asking me you obviously do…so get your a*s up and tend to him instead of asking me dumb*ss questions.
  • “Honey do you mind if (insert ridiculous or something he is completely capable of doing himself request here)?”
    • (Rolls eyes and sighs) Seriously?

And the list goes on and on. 

By now I’m sure that you have thought of at least 5 things that your spouse has asked you to do. If not…than you’re either living with another woman…or you’re single lol. Just kidding…I’m sure there are SOME men that don’t ask stupid Honey-Do List type questions. I’ve just never met one lol.

What are some crazy Honey-Do questions that your spouse asks? Let me know in the comments below.


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