Skin Is In

This week, specifically Tuesday, I started a new job. I am BEYOND excited about it, and after what felt like a bazillion rejections…this is the perfect job for me. The location, is good, the pay is good, and the dress code is good lol. It is definitely the blessing that I was waiting for when it comes to getting a job to help support my family. I bet you’re wondering how me getting a new job has anything to do with my skin. Well let me enlighten you.

Of course when I go to work I am NOT going to go in they’re looking all kinds of crazy. This means that my hair is done, my outfit is cute, and I put on some everyday light makeup. I’m sure for most women that is a normal thing. Well for me…it’s not! I don’t wear makeup unless it is an occasion (and personally I feel like I slay it when I do lol), and because I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have to actually get dressed. I never look/looked bummy(outside of the house that is lol), but I definitely wasn’t work environment ready. Now that I have this job, I make sure that everyday I look good, and makeup is apart of that.

Due to the fact that I have waited 28 years to wear makeup on the daily (yes I am serious about that), I have this über paranoia about my skin. I will NOT allow my skin to break out just because I now have a job and want to be presentable. (Sidenote: I love my skin, and feel like my natural face is presentable at all times, but for work I like getting a little gussied up lol) Every other day that I come home, I do a different facial treatment to ensure that my face is clean and clear. It is to the point that my husband and baby are like “really…another one” lol. And I’m like yes another one. I have done four different treatments alone this week, and have one on right now as I’m typing this lol. I am not about that messed up skin life, and I feel like just because I choose to wear makeup, doesn’t mean that I am chosing to look like Lumpystilskin. Now to what I mean by Skin Is In. 

I think that too many women who wear makeup forget that their skin in underneath it. Yes wearing makeup is fun, freeing, and makes you feel pretty…but it is also just a temporary thing. Your stuck with your skin, so you should really treat it the best you can. If half of the women I see with caked on makeup, most likely trying to hide a breakout or other facial issue, actually took care of their skin the appropriate way…they wouldn’t be a slave to it. The condition that your skin is in is all contingent upon the way you treat it. If you treated your face half as good as you treat your collection of makeup and brushes…you would be slaying the natural face game. But not everyone cares I guess.

So ladies, and some gents, please learn that Skin Is In. Love your skin for what it is, flaws and all, and take care of it like you do the other things you love. Feeling beautiful shouldn’t be limited to when you’re dressed up and ready to slay the day. It should be an all the time thing. Don’t over think the spots, blemishes, and lines, and whatever else your skin may do that you don’t like. Realize that if whoever you’re trying to impress doesn’t love you when your face looks like a map (full of lines, bumps, spots, and dots)…then they can hit the f*king road! Don’t be a slave to your makeup…love the skin you’re in because Skin Is now, and will always be In.


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