Freaky Friday: Man For A Moment

I was recently talking to a single friend of mine, and she was informing of why she just broke up with her last guy. Basically after a 30 minute convo, in which she was ranting and raving for most of it, the reason was because he was selfish. Specifically selfish in the bedroom.  That got me thinking about why some men (not all because I guarantee if mine was selfish he’d also be homeless lol) are selfish. Is the race to the tingly place, aka orgasm, really that good for them? 

Due to this I have decided that my new dream is to be a man for a moment. I want to feel what it is when they crest, peak, and fall. And I just don’t want the penetration moment either. No…I want ALL the moments…from BOTH sets of lips lol.

I know that sounds crazy, but I’m beyond serious about it lol. I mean think about it ladies. Have you ever watched the look on your man’s face when he reached “O”ville U.S.A? It’s craaaaazy. It’s like they die a little bit each time. Now don’t get me wrong…our trip to pleasuretown is amazing (well at least I hope yours is), but ours are definitely different from theirs.

Sex for women, in my opinion, is like riding a roller coaster in reverse. You start of flat (at the end of the ride), and then comes the big gut twisting drop into la-la-love-you-land (at the beginning of the ride). And along the way there are some dips and twists (internally and externally I hope lol), which give you your sexual highs and lows. Men on the other hand, they’re more like when you shake up a bottle of soda. The fizz is under the surface the whole time, and when the top pops it’s a lot of action…which quickly settles into a calm state. This state is otherwise known as sleep lol…and frankly.. it all sounds amazing lol.

Being a man for THAT moment,seems like it would explain them so much more. I honestly feel like I’d be apart of some secret club after that experience. The Divine Secrets of the Penial Erectionhood club. Lmao.

Why would you want to be a man for a moment? Let me know in the comments below.


One thought on “Freaky Friday: Man For A Moment

  1. MONEY! I want to be paid as much and more than a man. Then I want to sit in his face and say,” I work hard to give you and the kids everything. And when I get home dinner is not ready! KNOWING all the while that he has a good job, works hard, takes care of the babies, cleans the house, cooks and take care of the bill. I want to be that selfish bastard that come home and talks sh*#, and feels like opinion and respect is a given! Oh what a woMan!
    Ms. Smooches


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