Wife Wednesday: Football Frenzy

Football is back! As exciting as that is…it really isn’t. I love me some football, as much as the next guy (yes I meant guy because not many women are as into it as I am), but there is a limit to my love. Let me give you a little background on why my football love is limited.

My husband is a teacher, but more importantly he is a high school football coach. He has been a head coach for about 4 years now, so consequently enough, I have anywhere from 30-50 surrogate sons that forcibly adopt me each season. Somehow they have deemed me team mom, which is a position supposed to be held by a parent…not the coaches wife (insert eye roll here). I really wish there was more parent participation, but i guess that would be too much to ask. 

Anyways…back to the topic at hand. In our house…football is EVERY DAY! I’m serious…EVERY DAY! Here’s the break down of it all.

  • Monday thru Thursday is football practice at the high school.
  • Friday is the high school football game, and I have to run the snack bar, so neither of us gets home until around 11pm.
  • Saturday is film (for the high school), and then my husband comes home and watches college football. 
  • Sunday is our “rest day,” but of course its NFL Sunday…so we are going to watch redzone all day.

This cycle repeats until football season is over.

As a wife…I support my husband to the utmost. However, there is only so much I can take before I am ready to throw away all the remotes in the house, and hide all the power cords. I just want ONE weekend during football season, where I can turn off my football wifeness. I mean is that too much to ask for? I honestly don’t think so…but just like eating without getting fat…its an amazing beautiful idea that will never f*cking happen. The things we do for our husbands….~le sigh~

Is there anything your spouse does allllll the time that you are more than willing to let go? Let me know!


One thought on “Wife Wednesday: Football Frenzy

  1. Yes! Sometimes my hubby is living in my spot! My bathroom, my mirror, my tv time! You get the point! After 36 years he still wants space in the upstairs closet! Really Dude!
    Ms. Smooches


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