Sunday Suzy Homefaker

First off, No! You didn’t read the title wrong. It says homeFAKER not homemaker. That’s because I am not the Suzy Homemaker kind of wife…at all! And honestly, I feel like I’m normal for feeling/being this way, and the women/mom’s who are the homemaker type…are weird. Let me explain.

I was talking to one of my friends, who is also married but with 2 kids instead of 1 like me, and she was talking about how its Sunday, and therefore she gets to do a whole house clean. What threw me off about the conversation, was how excited she sounded. Like she literally sounded thrilled to be able to clean the whole house. So naturally, I asked her was she really happy to clean today, and she told me yes. Her reasoning was because it’s easier to clean on Sunday as her husband is home and can take the kids outside to play while she cleans uninterrupted. My jaw hit the floor. 

There are literally 100’s of things I would rather do on a Sunday, that have nothing to do with cleaning the house, while my husband PLAYS with the baby. Especially since he is perfectly capable of cleaning as well. The idea that the woman does the cleaning, while the man does…whatever else…is ridiculous! And as I talked to her more, I realized that she was literally a damn Disney princess…minus being a princess.

I’m sure you’re trying to figure out what I mean by that statement right now, and no worries ,because I am about to clarify. Every woman has seen a Disney princess move, or 10 lol. And in all those movies the princess, is cleaning, waiting on a man to tell her what to do, or in need of saving. Get the hell out of here with that. If I have to live in a world where I am a glorified trophy wife who cleans…f*cking kill me! Disney is evil for making princesses punks lol. 

Sorry for the tangent lol. Back to the topic at hand. I don’t want to clean everyday, with one day being some sort of super cleaning day. I feel like if any woman were to be honest, she wants to come home with dinner already made, and the house already cleaned. I don’t care who did it either. It could be a maid service or a part-time pet serial killer from Timbuktu….as long as the house is clean and the food is edible…I’m all for it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a messy person, and I definitely clean my house. But there is only so much cleaning and straightening up that one woman can do. The definition of insanity is doing something repetitively with the same result. So me cleaning on Sunday, knowing that on Monday through Saturday I’m still going to have to do it…makes me bat sh*t crazy. And yet, by some cruel trick of fate I do it, (with the help of my husband whom I hold hostage with evil glances and eye rolls lol) I still do it. But one things for sure, and two things for certain, I DO NOT ENJOY IT! It’s merely a necessary evil.

Are you a Suzy homemaker or a Suzy homefaker? Let me know, and tell me what’s your favorite and least favorite thing to clean.


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