M.D.S (Mommy Denial Syndrome)

In just observing other women’s parenting, I have been able to diagnose the various syndromes there are for moms. I dare you to challenge my professionally unprofessional diagnoses lol.

  • Angelidis: This is the belief that your baby is an angel, when in reality…they’re Damien from The Omen. Not all kids are just “having a tantrum,” or “going through a phase.” Lets call a spade a spade…some kids are just f*ckin BAD! You cannot convince me that if your little Billy/Becky badass throws a fit, breaks some sh*t, and then hits someone on the regular…that that’s a damn phase. NO! That’s a badass kid…and you’re in denial!
  • Exceptionalosis: Believing your kid is great at something…no matter how bad they actually are. Yes, your kid is enrolled in the sport, and yes they got a good grade or two. But…they’re a bench warmer, and that A was in P.E. (which you don’t need to be athletic for…just present). Be honest with yourself…your little athlete is most likely a mathlete, and vise versa. Your kid isn’t the type of superstar you think they are…and you’re in denial!
  • Livethroughmia: Stop trying to live through your kids dammit! You failed…the jig is up…let it go. Your kid doesn’t want to be compared to you, and what you once were. That was the past and this is the present…stay in it! If you think you’ll get some kinda satisfaction from your kid living out your dream (not your dream for them)…you’re in denial!

This list will expand over time…but for now these are the 3 moms I saw today. I couldn’t help but give my professionally unprofessional diagnosis of them.

What moms have you seen with issues? The non-doctor is in…and I’m here to help identify the issues. Lol


One thought on “M.D.S (Mommy Denial Syndrome)

  1. Wow! I might be a mix of all of these! That is why I had a great almost perfect, sometime bad non-tantrum, athlete, that got good grades and grew up, got a degree and does not eat or make suits out of a mans skin, type of child/adult! Thank you God!


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