Freaky Friday: Timing Is EVERYTHING!

Every Friday will be known as “Freaky Friday” on my blog. This will be the day where I discuss sex and all that comes with it. Get ready to clutch your pearls, because it’s gonna get frisky!

SEX. It’s something a majority of us have done, especially if you have a kid (the jig is up and we know lol). My personal feelings on sex are that is natural and beautiful, and should never be taken too seriously. Now I know your probably thinking “sex is a big deal and you shouldn’t just have it with anyone,” and to that I would say “you’re right!” When I am referring to sex not being taken to seriously, I mean during the act itself. I am in no way shape or form encouraging anyone to play an arousing game of pass the punani. It’s better to play with yourself, than with multiple others.

So one thing that my friends, the ones with kids, and I always talk about is sex. Specifically the timing of it. Of course we don’t go too far into details, because I surely don’t need a play-by-play of the various positions your man put you in last night, but we are quite candid. (Sidenote: everyone does this at one point or another with close friends…so don’t act like I’m crazy lol) One of the things that has come up for all of us about timing, is that it’s never right.

Before the kid(s) you could have sex anywhere, at anytime. I’m talking walk in the house and get busy on whatever the nearest surface is. Those…were the days of our lives (Yes I just made a soap opera reference lol). There was no need to worry about where the kids are, are they awake, can they hear us, is the door locked, etc etc etc. Sex could pretty much be like the 60’s and you and your partner were free to be you and me. Fast forward to parenthood. Sh*t. Has. Changed.

Not only do you have to worry about the things I listed above, but you are also too tired a majority of the time. This tiredness comes from one thing…ADULTING. I swear it is soooooo sh*tty being an adult sometimes. But…even though you are tired and have long days, sex is still something that most couples need to keep that spark alive. If only that spark happened at the right times. I don’t need my spark to light up the room…just light me up.

Here’s the problem I have with timing. Why is it that men like to wake you up to have sex at way too f*cking early o’clock? I mean do you really think that 3am, when I am in a dead sleep, is the appropriate time to wake me to play hide the salami with you? The answer is HELL NO! I  am NOT in the mood, or ready, to do bedroom yoga with you at that hour. I want to SLEEP! Something off kilter in a man’s brain tells them, “she wants it now because I want it now,” even if it’s at some ridiculous ass hour. I’m gonna need all men to get the memo that women do not feel sexy after being woke up for sex! What we feel is slangry (sleepy and angry) that you had the audacity to wake us up out of our sleep, knowing that we need to it to be super mom the next day. This has nothing to do with the kid(s), and everything to do with you and your sh*t timing. Get it together!

What are some of your issues with the timing of sex? Let me know in the comments below, and I hope you enjoyed my first Freaky Friday post.


2 thoughts on “Freaky Friday: Timing Is EVERYTHING!

  1. Yes you are so right! There is nothing romantic about getting busy, when you think your young one is sleep. The she screams out,” some of us are trying to get some rest in this house.” Holy sh*#! That is a real mood killer! Then your man wispers in your ear,” that little bitch has some nerve!” MOOD DEAD!
    Smooches 😜

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  2. Lmao, I completely agree!! We have agreed on nighttime hours after the kids go to sleep, because the wake up in the middle of the night thing..was no good for this mama!


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