Wife Wednesday: Tiredoploy

Every Wednesday will be known as “Wife Wednesday” on my blog. This will be the day where I discuss different topics/issues that come up with being a wife/spouse.

Today’s topic for my inaugural Wife Wednesday’s is Tiredopoly.

So…as women we take on sooooo much during the day. And I’m not talking about just having to deal with whatever our bodies have decided to throw at us on the daily  (we’ll talk about that in another post sometime soon). No I’m referring to the house, the jobs, the kids, and THE MEN! They are perhaps the most tiring thing we have to deal with from time to time.

I’ve found that even though I’m a woman, a mommy, and an employee, being a wife is sometimes the most tiring title of em all. And it’s mostly because I spend soooo much time trying to understand the one question no woman has the answer to. That question is “are you serious right now?”

I bet you were expecting something far deeper than that lol. But truth is…every freaking woman who has ever had a man or significant other in their lives, has asked this question more than once. This is where the tiredopoly comes in.

Tiredopoly is when someone feels as though they have the monopoly on being tired. (Insert eye roll here) It amazes me that men act as though they can somehow be more tired than women! Like wtf?! There is no such thing as “more tired”…but if there was…WOMEN F*CKIN WIN!!! Do they know how much sh*t we have to manage on the daily, just to keep the family running smoothly enough so that they can feel comfortable being “tired.” Boy bye! Go somewhere with that f*ckery.

For example. My husband will come home, tell me about his day, and then ask me to do something that he is perfectly capable of doing himself. Of course when I say something  (like no or I’m busy) he proceeds to tell me how tired he is and that he’s “had a long day.”  (Huge eye roll) Ummmmm…so have I! More so since before he even gets home I have cooked, cleaned (ok straightened up lol), and did or am in the process of doing whatever it is the baby needs. This doesn’t even include me having to work or run errands…which are mostly for him and the baby.

So my question to men/spouses is: what in the ever lovin’ hell gives y’all the idea that a woman can’t be as tired as a man? I don’t know the answer, but I do know that men can’t have the monopoly on it. But I do know if I keep hearing about it…I’m gonna end up with my own episode of snapped. (Just kidding! But…if you’ve ever been in love…you’ve thought about it lol)


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