Things I Don’t Understand

So today I have seen sooooo many things that I will never understand why some moms allow. I’m not critiquing them as parents, because I don’t know their life story or situations, but some things are just completely ridiculous. Below you will read a list of things I just don’t freaking get why some moms do. Feel free to add things you don’t understand in the comments.

1. Shoe-less/sock-less walking babies. First off ewwww. Why is your baby walking around on the ground with no shoes or socks? Do you have any idea what kind of germs are on the d*mn ground? Doing that at home is one thing, but in a public location….that sh*t is just crazy. And we all know that the mom who does this is also the mom who swears her kid can never stay well (insert side-eye here). Ummmm…of course your kid can’t stay well…walking on the public sidewalk or the store in target isn’t clean at all! Put something on your kids feet lady!

2. Moms who let their kids hit them. Oh heeeeeeelllllll no! That is on my list of things that will never be OK. I’m an advocate for discipline, and some kids need their hides tanned. Now im not saying its OK to drop an elbow on a kind or throat punch them…but I am saying a pop-pop from time to time is more than necessary. These are the moms who don’t the road are terrified of their kids, because they never set up proper boundaries from them. All I’m saying is that if you let your kid hit you…it’s like a gateway drug for anger issues. Don’t let your kids hit you people.

3. Negotiating parents. Wtf?! Are you a hostage and your kid is the kidnapper that you need to talk down? The answer is no! Stop negotiating with your kid when they’re being bad. Promising treats and toys to a kid that’s acting up isn’t gonna fix the problem, its gonna perpetuate it. And besides…it’s a baby not a dog.

4. Helicopter moms. Listen…I love my kid as much as the next mom, but I am not going to hover over his every move. That just cripples your kid and makes them super co-dependent, and eventually you end up with a 35 year old living in your basement and playing video-games all day.  No one wants that…including other women, so your kid is gonna be with you forever. Do the world a favor and let your kid be a kid without the constant hovering.

Well that is a short list of things I don’t understand, and I am sure that this is going to end up being part one of a never ending series. So stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Understand

  1. What about the moms that can’t say “No”! Saying yes all the time is like a drug to a kid! Just be apart of the “Just Say No” program. This is for drugs, guns, alcohol, and other people that are subject to being in the same room with your child, when you finally decide to say, NO! What a nightmare!


    • Mom’s who can’t say no can definitely be added to the list. But what I don’t understand most about those mommies, is how the hell do you have enough money to never say no?! That has got to get expensive after a while.


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